Growing Up Comes With Its Own Set of Challenges

Counseling can help adolescents cope

In many ways, the adolescents of today are growing up in a world that's very different from that of their parents. It can be hard to understand and relate to their struggles. If you child is struggling with anxiety, depression or anger, Monarch Counseling can help. We offer adolescent counseling to help today's youths deal with everything from delinquency and self-esteem issues to the stresses of everyday life. Your child will get to work through their issues in our safe and welcoming environment.

Your child needs to feel that their voice is heard. Schedule a counseling appointment with Monarch Counseling today.

You don't have to feel helpless

Watching your son or daughter struggle with mental illness is often heartbreaking. You may sometimes feel as though there's nothing you can do. Fortunately, you can help. If your child has been suffering from an eating disorder or suicidal thoughts, or if they've been engaging in self-harm, you can bring them to Monarch Counseling. Our professional counselors will work with them to express themselves and better deal with the world around them.

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